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Are you looking to hire a vehicle for your film or photo shoot in your local are?

If so, then you’re in the right place! ‘Stars on Wheels’ can help you with every aspect of planning and booking your vehicle in the UK and Europe, including collection from and delivery to you.

With our large network of professional operators, we’re able to save you money on the hire cars for this type of event locally. Our experienced independent operators are hiring, collecting and delivering vehicles across the length and breadth of the UK 24/7, and so are able to arrange the service you need within a small window of time. As one of the most trusted brands in the industry, our customers love the efficient, reliable and cost-effective service we provide. Stars of Wheels has a growing number of super, exotic, performance, classic & retro car options near you for you to choose from, each one striking in its own way. Hiring a car through our platform is super straightforward and efficient, in fact, it’s never been so easy to hire luxurious cars from like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, Jaguar and Porsche. Making your videos and photography projects a reality is what we are here for, using our platform you can experience the excitement of browsing through the options, choosing absolutely the right car.  Easily compare the customised prices based on your specific requirements. Browse, Quote, Compare, Book & Pay, it’s that simple.

Get a pick of premium quality cars and drivers

Vehicle hire for any type of private project, corporate event or commercial activity

Local Car Hire For Photography Projects

Local Car Hire For Film & Commercial Production Projects

Local Car Hire For Music Video Projects

Local Car Hire For Television Projects

Local Car Hire For Newspaper and Magazine Projects

Local Car Hire For Events & Parties Projects

Vehicle hire for your local film project

We have delivered unique cars of all different styles for TV commercials and series for major UK and US networks and supported the large studios with endless amounts of cars for Movie productions. So if you need a car for your video project in your local area or elsewhere in the UK, please browse the stock and get a quote today.

Car hire in your local area for music video project

Since the dawn of MTV, cars have been used as props to stage music videos. You’re likely to see cars from our website gracing a wide ranging selection of genres, on numerous platforms including YouTube and all other social media channels. Sometimes for a fleeting moment, whereas some cars take centre stage.  But no matter how long the exposure, we’re proud to be part of these music projects and our independent car owners love playing their role.

Local vehicle hire for photo shoots

The drivers love attending photoshoots in their cars. Showing the passion for the cars and seeing them used for brilliant photography sessions.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small college project or large scale national magazine shoot, the drivers will be the same – enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable. 

Car hire near you for events & exhibitions

Whether it’s a unique private event and corporate business party; ‘Stars on Wheels’ can provide the cars that can give the event the glamour it needs. Nothing draws a crowd like a shiny car!. We have loads of options available. So if you need an eye catching vehicle for your special event, then check out our list of available transport

Local Film & Photography project car hire prices

With ‘Stars on Wheels’, you can get instant quotes for any car you choose. Just enter a few details and choose a car. Don’t be afraid to ask us about these terms or other details – we are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best solution for your experience. We’ve been supplying classic cars for years, so we know what we’re talking about! We want nothing more than to guarantee you the experience of a lifetime. So check out our wide range of cars for hire in the local area itself and give your project the wow factor! Our unique self-service quotation system offers instant prices based on your unique requirements. Click the button below to receive and compare your quotes. If you have any queries, our team stands by to help you.

The largest collection of film car cars in the UK

We also cover the the following areas near you

As we cover the whole of the UK, wherever you are basing your project, you can book a premium car on the Stars on Wheels platform to make your trip that extra bit special.  Don’t settle for second best, especially when there are so many beautiful cars to choose from and you can check their availability and pricing with a click of a button.

Film and Photography Car Hire services are available in other local areas near you


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